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Simple Ways to Winterize Agricultural Equipment

There tends to be a set-season for most agricultural industries, but that doesn’t mean the job is finished once the season is complete. The procedure for putting away machinery for winter is part of the process, and an important process at that!

Ensuring you have winterized your agricultural equipment will also ensure that it will be ready to run come crop season. Because delaying agricultural processes by even a day can have negative effects on a crop; making functional machinery imperative to a successful year.

Which is why Douglas Lake Equipment would like to inform our reading audience on these ‘Simple Ways to Winterize Agricultural Equipment’.

Don’t Let Your Equipment Sit Idle Until Needed

Leaving your equipment to sit idle might have you discovering your machinery has somehow lost its will to live over the harsh winter months. So make sure you start up your equipment well in advance of actually needing it to be operational, just in case it needs servicing. That way there is plenty of time to address any issues before needing your machinery to ‘till the fields’.

Review Manuals or Have Your Machinery Professional Maintained

Whether choosing to look through the manufacturers manuals for scheduled maintenance – that will include lube and viscosity levels – in order to conduct yourself, or you have a professional come in before, after and during mid-season use; keeping your machinery maintained will make a huge difference in the lifespan of your equipment. In fact, a little added maintenance cost could mean the difference between requiring a premature replacement or simply a repair.

Lastly, ensure you are using winter-specific fluids for your machinery to keep your lines from freezing over the winter months. This includes fueling your tank with a winter-fuel blend, helping to ensure that water contamination or condensation doesn’t occur, helping to get your machinery conditioned for the colder months ahead.

At Douglas Lake Equipment, we’re here to help you with all your agricultural equipment needs: from rentals, to purchases or maintenance any season of the year. So feel free to give any one of our offices a call in order to help you with your agricultural equipment needs …we look forward to serving you!


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