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The Benefits of Renting Heavy Duty Equipment

Choosing to rent your heavy duty equipment makes more sense for a lot of industries – both within the construction and agricultural realm. Which is why we wanted to help you explore ‘The Benefits of Renting Heavy Duty Equipment’, and see if this decision could also be right for your company!

Cost Management

Operating costs of running any industry is always a factor, and managing your costs without any variables is appealing to some business owners. Which is why renting equipment can make sense for some companies, making maintenance and breakdowns the responsibility of the rental company without creating added costs or workflow issues.

Business Expense Deductions

Having a business expense deduction can really help to offset taxes each year, which makes the costs of rental equipment a beneficial choice as it offers an entire cost deduction, and not just the depreciation value – as is the case with purchased machinery.

Maintenance Free

Renting heavy duty and agricultural equipment also holds the benefit of being maintenance-free. Meaning you neither have to maintain it, nor pay for maintenance costs if you choose to include in the rental agreement. The optional all inclusive part-and-parcel agreement helps keep your monthly rental expenses clear.

Breakdown Assurance

Having equipment breakdown mid-project can really create a workflow issue, making equipment rentals ideal as it keeps equipment at the ready, and/or ensures a quick replacement or a prompt on-site repair.

No Storage Issues

Equipment rentals also come with the benefit of not having to store large pieces of machinery at the end of your work cycle, once again minimizing expenditures and risk factors.

At DLE, we have a wide variety of equipment including: excavators, wheel loaders, track loaders, skid steers and other compact equipment available for your long term projects.  We also carry a variety of attachments available for rent.

If you are looking for rental equipment, give any one of our offices a call – we can help you get into the right piece of machinery quickly and within your budget range!



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