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Uncover What Kubota Haytools Can Do For You

At Douglas Lake Equipment, we are proud to offer our customers a wide-range of machinery and agricultural equipment to help get the job done right, and in the most efficient manner possible. Whether choosing to purchase or lease our equipment, we deliver on service, price and reputation, and want to help our agricultural customers ‘Uncover What Kubota Haytools Can Do For You’.

Save Time by Investing in Modern Machinery

Gone are the days of working the fields for endless hours every harvest season thanks to modern machinery, which is where Kubota haytools come in to save the day – literally!

Our Kubota line provides balers with silage handling capabilities, as well as offering up to a 13-foot mower-conditioner. This machinery allows for silage baling and combines bale wrapping, all while delivering efficiency and storage capabilities that enhance the farming lifestyle from harvest, all the way to the end user.

With a high demand in hay feed, utilizing the most efficient processes is important for those “tilling their land”, and Douglas Lake Equipment is here to provide these types of efficiency-based equipment models for your immediate and future farming needs.

Understanding Kubota’s Mower-Conditioner Line

Douglas Lake Equipment also offers Kubota’s Mower-Conditioners, providing a series of disk mover-conditioners that extend 13-feet, tackling even the most fragile crops while delivering even conditioning throughout.

This patented, full-width conditioning and cutterbar system sets itself against the competition, while staying consistent with a three counter-rotating blade per disk for maximum and constant cutting efficiency, reducing and evening the load throughout the cutting process.

Other industry favourites include Kubota’s balers that can handle silage, hay, and straw in their fork feeder intake systems, found in the BV4160SS and BV4180SS series.

Farming has always been an art form, often handed down from generation to generation; and farming machinery has finally risen to meet the needs of farmers across all industry types.

Douglas Lake Equipment would love to introduce you to Kubota’s newest models for your agricultural needs, and help you maximize your farms efficiency this harvest season and many more to come through our service shops across BC and AB – where we are ready to serve you!



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