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Deciding Between Round or Square Balers for Your Farm

Deciding between round or square balers for your farm is an important decision, one which Douglas Lake would like to help you tackle when making your agricultural equipment buying or leasing plans in BC or Alberta.

Understanding Cost vs. Convenience of Round vs. Square Bales

A lot of farms now contract out their harvest duties, turning to contractors to “till the land” so to speak. Which is often where you will see square bales produced, as they are more convenient for storage and handling.

That being said, round balers are known to be substantially cheaper, and are often used by dairy farmers who grow their own feed for their animals.

Measurements and Weight of Round vs. Square Bales

Round bales are known to be easy to handle with the help of a loader, but these large bails are not made to be lifted by hand. Running 150cm end-to-end and 120cm wide, they weigh in at 350kg.

Square balers are capable of creating smaller bales, which is then easy to carry around by hand, and useful for the farmers who require hay feed for their farm. Or, if you are looking for a larger square baler, they can run up to 120cm x 90cm x 240cm, and weigh a whopping 550-600kg.

Time and Speed of Round vs. Square Bales

As it pertains to time and speed, a round baler requires starting and stopping quite frequently, whereas the square baler can operate non-stop, supplying you with bale after bale – so long as the knotting system does not have any issues.

Frankly stated – the end-result requirements of your hay baler will largely dictate whether to choose round or square. From there, it will be up to you to decide if it’s worth purchasing new hay baling equipment, leasing hay baling equipment, or contracting the work out and forego a purchase or lease

Whether you are looking for a round baler, a square baler or any other type of agricultural equipment, Douglas Lake Equipment would love to introduce you to Kubota’s newest models, and help you maximize your farms efficiency throughout BC and Alberta this harvest season!



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