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Understanding the Benefits of Brand Loyalty

When it comes to heavy duty and agricultural equipment, brand loyalty can be of great benefit to our customers, and we want to tell you why!

Brand Loyalty Results in Discounts

Did you know that when you purchase the same brand of equipment through Douglas Lake Equipment, that you qualify for a discount? Every time you make an equipment purchase from the same brand your discount grows, which allows your business or farm to financially benefit right along with it.

Brand Loyalty Betters Efficiency

Keeping your brand purchases consistent also means your job site or farm can maintain or even increase in efficiency. This is largely due to the fact that there are no learning curves every time you purchase a different brand with different features – causing you and/or your staff added training on how to run the new equipment and slowing down your productivity.

Brand Loyalty Keeps Your Image Clean

Whether you run a construction crew, a landscaping business, or are a part of the farming industry, keeping your image/brand “clean” is important. Something as simple as having the same colour of machinery can lend itself to the look of your business, and create confidence in your customers showing them you are clear on your choices of products and their productivity. As odd as that might sound, it is truly a thing and subconsciously counts to your customers.

Brand Loyalty Keeps Your Business Effective

Utilizing the same brand of equipment can help your business of choice maintain efficiency. Whether requiring repairs, replacements or ensuring your operational costs stay consistent, purchasing the same brand will help everyone who has a hand in your business stay on task, keeping any downtime to a minimum and building upon your success without interruption.

At Douglas Lake Equipment we are proud to serve the heavy duty and agricultural equipment needs of Western Canada, offering branch locations in Surrey, Kamloops, Quesnel, Dawson Creek and Grande Prairie, each delivering shop and field service to cover 24-hour, seven day-a-week emergency service.

We look forward to earning your future business, help you maintain and save on your brand of choice, and keep you in fine running form for years to come!



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