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Farm Journal Study shows New Holland Genesis T8 with SmartTrax Outperforms Competition

Markets are tough and farmers need to maximize as much output from their land as they can get. A two-year study by Farm Journal testing track vs Wheel units in the field has concluded that the New Holland Genesis T8 is able to produce 5 more bushels per acre vs the wheeled competition.

This independent, third-party study evaluated the effect of tracks and tires on compaction and yield. Testing ran through the 2017 and 2018 growing seasons at Farm Journal’s Illinois test plot farm. They took a GENESIS T8 SmartTrax on 120” spacing versus another brand set up on single and dual tire configurations. The goal was to measure how soil compaction and pinch rows can reduce crop yields by impacting water flow and compacting roots. The results showed how the GENESIS T8 with SmartTrax produced up to a 5 bushel per acre yield advantage.

Using these results, we can quickly estimate the additional output that the T8 can generate:

Suppose corn is $3.50 a bushel and the Genesis T8 gets you 5 more bushels an acre. Now suppose that you have a 1000 acre farm. The math then is:

5 More Bushels an Acre x 1000 Acre Farm x $3.50 Per Bushel = $17,500 extra output.

Prices of corn and your farm size may vary, but the math seems to be fairly consistent.

The current agriculture environment is volatile at the moment, it makes sense to check out all options to see how much more you can squeeze out.


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